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A Recipe for A Queer Relation

The text is written in red, it’s really easy, just three steps.


First of all, you need to prepare yourself.


Step into privacy, or step out of one, to conduct the following actions. You can use a hand or a consciousness to conduct the actions.


Close your eyes, contour your surface, starting on the top of your head, down to the side, whichever side, your decision, passing your ear by, passing your jawline by, to your chin. Then trace back up again on the front, linger around your lips, on your lips, and around them, and one them again. Then the nose, the ridge, between your eyes, between your eyebrows, forehead, back to the top, to the back of the scalp, down to the neck, turn to the shoulder, whichever side, around the shoulder, back to the centre along the collar bone, down to the chest, and find your heartbeats.


Finish this part with an embrace, or something similar in pronunciation, such as bread, armbrace, corn braid, use your imagination, I can’t tell the differences. 


Second, after finding your heartbeats, you need to inhale, hard, then hold, then exhale, exhale, hold, then inhale again. You gotta breathe and pump your heart.


And then press two parts of the body together, grind them softly, what do you feel? Do you feel the warmth? Do you feel the moisture? Grind them slowly, are you aware of your touching, or being touched? Don’t try to distinguish, but to knowledge, to understand, to remember, bodily.


Now try to reach, with hands, feet, tails, hair, or mind. Ground yourself at the centre, what can you touch? When you shout “can you hear me”, who will answer you? How far can you reach until you hit a wall? Ask yourself, but you have to step out of the centre to find your answers. 


Do not forget about searching above your head and beneath your sole. Your soul. Your sole.


Now take a step forward, choose a direction, choose three names for yourself, and add one more for back-up. Pray to the bad that saved your life. Belle and Sebastian for me, Unwound for him, and there was no one there for her.


And last but not least, serve yourself to the world with a sprinkle of no apologies.


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