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I Can' Write The River Into One Line Of Poetry And Claim It Mine

I missed the aurora. It was past midnight. 

I was in the tent sleeping because I had to go tomorrow.

I will have to go today.

I will have to pass by the shore, into the water, reaching the cliff, followed by my past like a pack of wolves.

I have to go now.


I always see it as if it's always there.

I look at it like it's in my eyes.

I always hear it as if it's always talking.

I listen to it like it's on my tongue.


It caught me and then cruelly passed me.

I was a coward bathing in the tides.


I've never reached the shores, and the shores became the graveyard for the family.

One was once buried here and carried over there.

One was once speaking truths but now performing lies.

One was flowing in the flows but never became the river.


Camp down on a ground where I can plant a dream.

Camp down on a ground where I can breathe underwater.


I had no plan to catch a ferry. I will pay them with gold

because I miss those shining nights.



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